What is the procedure for obtaining a translation from Tribuna Translations (TT)?

The easiest way is to fill out the Get a Quote section of the web site, which includes the type of document, the source language, the target language and the deadline. TT will give you a quote and a proposed date of completion as soon as possible. Once the quote, deadline and method of payment are agreed upon, the translation will be completed and transmitted online or will be personally delivered.

What is the normal deadline and for what amount of text?

We can agree on the deadline according to your needs and my availability. Being experienced with medium and large corporations and urgent personal needs, I know and understand that, often, you may need your translations urgently and, sometimes, for the same day. Luckily, I am open to that request! As long as I can ensure the highest quality level of the translations, I will answer to your urgent demands.

What are the languages translated by TT?

TT offers translation services involving Portuguese, English, French and Spanish, depending on the level of specialization or skills required for completing the task in a professional way.

What additional linguistic services are offered by TT?

TT offers proofreading (as mentioned before) and Portuguese language courses for Corporate Executives interested in learning or improving their Brazilian Portuguese skills. These courses are offered only in the Montreal area.

Who are the TT's typical customers?

The typical customers of TT are large and medium sized corporations interested in communicating with their customers, employees, shareholders and partners in Portuguese-speaking countries as well as individuals in need of translation services for their professional, academic or personal needs.

What if I want to have a follow-up of my texts or how the translation is going?

You can always e-mail me and I will keep you up-to-date and informed on your request. As mentioned before, I tend to keep a long-term relationship with my customers and, for that, I agree that communication is essential, either by e-mail, phone or, if possible, in person. I will try to individualize, as much as I can, both your text and you as my client.

How are the payments to be made?

Once we agree on the price, you will send us a P.O (Purchase Order) or a confirmation by e-mail and, depending on the type of work or the type of client, you will be mailing a cheque, making a bank transfer, or using PayPal either in advance or once your translations are completed and you can come to pick them up in person.

How are the rates established?

The rates will vary according to the source and target languages, nature and length of the text (word count), and type of text (general or specialized), as well as the deadline (standard or express). I can offer discounts for large projects and returning customers.


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