Here are some featured testimonials.

“Maria Lucia Tribuna is an excellent professional; I always refer to her when my colleagues ask me about translation services, she is very responsible and the quality is outstanding, also very fast.” M.T., May 28, 2012

“I worked with Maria Lúcia Tribuna when I arrived here in Montreal. She translated several documents for me, my wife and son. She demonstrated a true interest in adding value to the work, bringing valuable observations. She is work-oriented, a friendly person and really knows how to work in short deadlines. I consider her as a friend and I highly recommend her work!” L.C., March 23, 2012

“Maria Lúcia is an extremely capable translator and provides an outstanding translation service. She manages to deliver her services in a small amount of time with high quality and low costs. She is my family's official translator in Canada. I would recommend Maria Lucia without any doubt.” W.H., January 10, 2012

“Maria Lúcia's services were quick and flawless, completely attending to my needs.” B.A., January 10, 2012

“Maria Lúcia translated important documents for me. She did an outstanding job with it and sealed and certified the work just as it was required. She works in a timely manner and her price is very affordable. In addition to that, she answered my queries very quickly, with clear and significant advice. I definitely recommend Maria Lucia, and will certainly continue using her service. She is a pleasure to work with.” M.S., January 7, 2012

“Maria Lúcia is my client and I am well aware of her business and her clientele, since my job is to help her to achieve her goals in terms of advertising and promotion. She has a good reputation and a good number of clients, and I recommend her services to all my contacts.” B.H., January 7, 2012

“I have hired Maria on several occasions to provide Portuguese translations of various types of documents. She is very pleasant to work with and has always provided us with excellent work, delivered on time. She also proofread a major publication in Portuguese for our company. We were very satisfied with her thoroughness and attention to detail. I would not hesitate to recommend her work.” M.G., August 21, 2011

“Maria Lúcia has been translating my Portuguese documents into English since I decided to apply for a PhD at McGill, and so far, everything is fine. Highly recommended” M.C., August 10, 2011

“Whenever I called Maria Lucia to have my documents translated, as I did it more than once, she's done such a remarquable work: excellent quality translation and very respectful to deadlines. Besides, her kindness made each meeting we had a great time. Surely I recommend her!” H.L., July 8, 2011

“Maria Lúcia is an experienced translator and she is very knowledgable about translating official documents. I really appreciated the service that she provided and I strongly recommend her services to all.” July 7, 2011

“Our company used Maria's translation expertise and the results were very satisfactory and on time.” D.T., July 4, 2011

“Maria is a great translator and very nice person. I recommend her service.” R.M.B., July 4, 2011

“Maria Lúcia is a serious professional and I recommend her work as a Certified Translator.” C.M.R.S., July 4, 2011

“Bonjour! J’aimerais profiter de l’occasion qui m’ait offerte, pour remercier Maria Lucia Tribuna pour ces précieux services.

J’ai trouvé, une personne professionnelle, à l’écoute, et tout ceci, à un prix juste. Dans le domaine de la traduction, il y a ceux qui demande des prix déraisonnables, pour des services au simple citoyen, il y a aussi, ceux qui ne vous réponde même pas, mais heureusement, il y a des personnes, comme Maria Lucia Tribuna, qui vous offrent un travail parfait, et ce, à tout point de vue. Qualité du travail, rapidité,communication exemplaire et confiance. En conclusion, je recommande les services, Mme Tribuna, et ce, sans hésitation, car je le ferai moi-même dès que j’aurai besoin d’un service de traduction.” S.N., January 9, 2012

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