Certified Translation Services

Translation work is too often perceived as a word-replacement exercise performed by someone who happens to speak two or more languages. In fact, a good translation is much closer to authoring and an effective translation will give its readers the impression that they are reading the original text and not a translation. At Tribuna Translations, translation entails a form of “rewriting” the source text into a target language.

In my translations I will be ensuring that the content and meaning of the original text are preserved and that the sentence structure and idiomatic expression are those of the target language. I care about the accuracy of the translation, terminology, grammar, style and level of language. For me, accuracy in semantics makes a translation faultless while correctness in grammar, style and level of discourse make a translation consistent. My translations aim to get the ideas across to the target audience so that it can correctly understand the points being transmitted, in a very clear, precise and smooth way.

I translate almost any kind of text. Here are some examples of types of documents which I am very experienced with:

  • Marketing documents localized to reach your customers
  • Executive announcements
  • Human resources documentation and announcements
  • Corporate announcements
  • PowerPoint© presentations
  • Official documents (birth certificates, marriage, divorce and death certificates, diplomas, transcript of records, criminal records, etc.)
  • Presentation of projects to foreign governments
  • Intranet pages
  • Legal, Financial and Human Resources documents
  • Translation of CVs
  • Translations for web sites

I can also offer proofreading services that include:

  • Highlighting grammatical mistakes and showing how to correct them
  • Correcting orthography, word usage and punctuation errors
  • Eliminating redundancies
  • Avoiding sexism, racism or any other pejorative language
  • Making the final document sound as if it had been originally written in the target language


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